Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Once upon a time (well, three years ago), I began learning Spanish at an evening language class. I really wish I'd kept up with the language studies, and remembered more Spanish than "Yo no hablo Español", because it would mean I could listen to and understand all the words not just to Almodovar films, but to all those wonderful Spanish pop bands than emerge into my life from time to time. Take, for example, Madrid's super splendid Zipper.

Having formed in '01, played shows with the likes of The Lucksmiths and Pipas, and had a sold-out Cloudberry release, they're now ready to play some shows in the UK in May. Playing with those cuties from Horowitz and hosted by the super-cuties from Spiral Scratch, it's gonna be a superb night on Saturday 3rd May. I'll be there - super fun!

Anyway, Zipper - just look at their favourite bands on their Myspace page. It's so concise, but really says it all about what they love and what they sound like. And listening to "Hoy Estoy Muy Pop" embodies why I wish I'd kept up with the Spanish lessons. Just so much fun! They've been compared to the Free Loan Investments, who were just SO good, and I think it's more than a fair comparison. Oh and Maria, the singer, automatically qualifies as one of my heroes because she's a pop girl in economics. Pop girls really are the smartest - and the best!


Maria said...

Try to practice with the Spanish lyrics and I send you a translation (the best I could do it)


Uh uh uh, sí
Uh uh uh, sí
- Dices que todo ha terminado y apenas ha empezado
¿qué te pasa hoy a ti?
Ayer estabas entregado y hoy estás buscando
en techno o algo así.
- Siempre hay algo puesto en moda
que suena a deshora y te puede hacer plin
Pero hay cosas infinitas y no te me repitas,
¡¡hoy pincho yo aquí!!

Uh uh uh, sí
Uh uh uh, sí
- Siempre ha pasado lo mismo
con más de un estilo con repercusión
Años después está de moda, lo retro siempre mola,
¡Viva la era clon!
Oh oh oh, hay cosas infinitas y no te me repitas,
que ¡¡hoy estoy muy pop!!


Uh, uh, uh, yes
Uh, uh, uh, yes
- You tell me that everything has finished
but it’s just begun,
What’t happening to you today?
Yesterday you were a devoted fan
and now you’re looking into techno or something else.
- There’s always something on the wave that can sound of odd times but can make you feel indiferent.
But there are endless things and don’t you repeat yourself,
Today I’m DJ-ing here!!

Uh, uh, uh, yes
Uh, uh, uh, yes
- It has always happened the same with every style with any repercussions.
Years later it’s on the wave again,
retro things are always cool
Long live to the clone era!!
Oh, oh, oh, there are endless things and don’t you repeat yourself,
because today I’m very pop!!

Carlos said...

I saw them playing live with Swedish Irene in Madrid last month, and I was a little dissapointed with them..I'd like their Couldberry EP but they're not as good playing live. hope this didn't discourage you..

you should check other spanish twee bands too like Vacaciones, TCR, Los Fresones Rebeldes,...