Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Cats - Songs For Tuesdays

Since moving to Melbourne, I've felt so fortunate at being able to see Summer Cats play quite regularly. But now, with the release of their debut album, Songs For Tuesdays, I feel even luckier, because I know how jealous the rest of the world will be after hearing these 13 brilliant pop songs! Released via Slumberland on July 14, Songs For Tuesdays looks set to dominate the speakers of summer dancefloors in the north, winter bedrooms in the south and best of 2009 lists worldwide. 

I'm so enamoured by every track on the album - from blistering opener "Let's Go", sharing stories about various places to visit around Melbourne and beyond, through to the boy-girl duet "In June", which reminds me so much of The Hummingbirds with its amazing jangling guitars. A slowed-down version of 'Wild Rice' appears (after first appearing on 2007's Scratching Post EP), as does last year's Cloudberry single, 'Lonely Planet'. Scott Stevens surely ranks as one of the best vocalists in indiepop at present, and with squalling guitars and motorik keys to boot, it all sums to a perfectly formed collection of some of the finest pop going round.

And lest I forget the artwork - the artwork! With all those flowers and birds and felt tip colours, I want it to be summer already. It's the perfect embodiment of that summer feeling that Summer Cats capture so well in their sound.  

Download 'Hey You' as a taste of the album - if it doesn't leave you wanting to hear more and more and more, then um, I don't know what to do. So good!

the cavalcade

I've spent the past couple of weeks being exceptionally busy (nothing new there) and showing the lovely Kris around Melbourne. It's been fun! We've been record shopping, seeing excellent bands (including The Motifs and a new Melbourne discovery, Pop Singles) and spinning the best songs anybody would ever want to hear. But now, as Kris flies back to Sweden, I have returned to Brisbane for a couple of weeks of work, but also some relaxation and use of fast internet once again. Oh for small joys!

As part of this fast internet utilisation, I'm going to listen to all manner of bands I've been meaning to listen to. Bands such as The Cavalcade, who hail from Preston, in northwestern England and sound like they've stepped straight off a Blueboy b-side. 

Bruce recommended these guys to me a few weeks ago, and I'm glad I've followed up, because I could listen to these beautiful pop songs all evening long. Craig Phillips's vocals come from the school of singing that Swedish indiepop bands have mastered so well - earnest harmonies that reinforce the heartfelt emotions from the soaring, clear guitar lines. If any one of the tracks playing on their myspace page were to be included on a mixtape, I'd instantly have assumed it was a lost eighties indie band. Their love of classic indiepop is evident - the guitars unmistakably pay tribute to Maurice Deebank, and the melodies come courtesy of an education rich in The Sea Urchins and The Field Mice. What is not to love?

Best of all, you can secure yourself some fine recordings from The Cavalcade courtesy of both Cloudberry Records (a split 3" with Boa Constrictor, featuring the lovely 'Meet You In The Rain'), as well as directly from the band! Their debut EP can be ordered via Paypal - just drop them a message via myspace, and full listening contentment awaits.