Friday, March 14, 2008

friday night blog bits

It's Friday night, and rather than going late night shopping, staying at the pub for extended after-work beers, or venturing out and about, I've decided to retire to my comfortable surrounds to drink some tea, watch some Friday night telly (not sport, though) and write about lots of little things.

recent arrivals
My mailbox has been reasonably busy lately, which is what I love - arriving home to a parcel after a long day at work is so exciting, especially when it contains beautiful 7"s from Atomic Beat Records and a super EP from the Pocketbooks. Oh boy, they are all wonderful. If you can still get your paws on a copy, make sure you buy a copy of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Parallelograms split 7" - it is AMAZING. I've not been so excited by a 7" since, I don't know, The Frenchmen EP in 2003? Just to prove how much I love it, here's a picture of me showing off this recent acquisition (note: this is a blatant rip-off of Skatterbrain Matt's idea, but I think it's something everybody who has a copy of this EP should do!!).

Meanwhile, I now own a Pocketbooks 7" and CDEP, and I am well content. The "Waking Up" EP is so delightful - it's guaranteed to warm your chilliest day, and bring extra sunshine to the brightest day.

links and links
I wrote another blog earlier tonight, entitled "amelia fletcher really is my hero".

Wikihow's How to Be a Pop Kid is one of the most amusing pieces I've read on the internet in a long time, and it's just so scarily accurate! I really laughed at this warning - "It might be near impossible to find popkid friends that aren't Internet Friends From Faraway Places." Tee hee!

If you're a fan of threadless tees, make sure you add this one to your shopping basket - it's by Brisbane artist David Thorley, and it'll be adorning many a' chest very soon. Yay!

I just discovered I'm Not Always So Stupid, a terrific blog from Seattle that covers many of my favourite topics - there's recipes, football, and links to lots of MP3s from the likes of Even As We Speak and Darren Hanlon.

I don't think you can ever write too much about pop songs, and Among the Aisles is no exception. I met Chris and his lovely girlfriend Alexis at a Sinister meet-up in Melbourne when they came across from Auckland for the B&S show in 2006- not only do they have super tastes, but Chris's writings are great, and it makes me jealous that I'm still stuck down in this corner of the world for the time being.

clothes and such
Because I'm going to Europe in less than six weeks, I am being super disciplined and not buying any clothes. However, this is becoming difficult, for two main reasons. Firstly, the new season Karen Walker collection has some incredible pieces - particularly the jockey inspired knits, with big grey spots, yellow sleeves and little bow ties. Adorable! But so expensive! Sigh.

Secondly, I spied on new season Campers tonight, and I am in love. I have a wee Camper obsession, and since it has been six months since my last pair, I am awfully tempted to buy some more. But no, I must tell myself I will find even better Campers in Europe.

Hope you have a super weekend!


Kippers said...

Spike played the new Pocketbooks EP to me last week, and I was really impressed - some very strong songs on there.

I'm Not Always So Stupid was he first blog that ever linked to us, I hink, so I'll always have a soft spot for it. The fact that it's invariably a cracking good read helps a lot too!

Have a super weekend yerself!

Kippers said...

Or 'the' first blog that ever linked to us, even. Damn this misfiring 't' key!

christos said...

Hello Alex! I am glad you liked the single. Thanks so much for your nice words-you are so kind:-)

Amelia is BRILLIANT, isn't she?!!! Greg Webster djed at "How Does It Feel" (one of London's oldest indiepop nights) last friday and Amelia was there too! It feels so great when you bump into your music heroes..

Are you coming to Europe?! When, where? Is London one of your destinations? It would be lovely to meet you. Have a splendid weekend xxx

alex said...

I will definitely be making at least one visit to HDIF while I'm in London! I arrive at the end of April and I'll be there on and off for about three weeks - in between visits to Sweden and Berlin!

Please keep the singles rolling, Christos - I don't know how long I can wait for the next one to come through :)

L said...

Thanks for I'm Not Always So Stupid - good find.