Monday, March 17, 2008

my autumn sons + for ex-lovers only

Two splendid bands for your Monday night pleasure, courtesy of two lads on opposite sides of the world with superfine tastes in pop.

Firstly, it's all thanks to Bruce's Humans Beware podcast number twenty-six that I've discovered the delights of Sweden's My Autumn Suns. I was being all gym-bunny-like tonight, after being lazy and dessert-obsessed for the past few weeks, and my trusty portable music device pulled up this podcast during its shuffle playlist. Aside from hearing Language of Flowers' "Tara Mascara" for the first time in years (it sound like a note-perfect Lush rip-off, for the record), I was taken by the first track, "Perfect", by this Swedish four-piece. While some of the track have a sweet, pretty sound, I can sense some dark overtones in their songs - "Again" has a Factory Records feel to it, and even "Plain", with its pretty vocals and synth tracks has a grey cloud looming above. But that's okay, because we all know it cuts away to perfect blue skies at the end, and these songs have that certain Swedish charm about them.

Then, as I was visiting the adorable Pop Loser's myspace page, I heard "Mindy Le Findy" by Florida band For Ex-Lovers Only playing on his page. Now, how can you not love a band named after a Black Tambourine song, huh, HUH? You can't, that how. Just listen to that track in particular - underneath all that home recording fuzz and noisy guitar fuzz and boy vocal fuzz you can hear a super DIY pop song, the likes of which don't get played amongst in amongst all the chrome and polish of other pop songs. It's so simple and terrific, and really, I think the home recording does it for me.

Another highlight for today? Listening to The Flatmates on the train - it's been a while, but it made me tap away, that's for sure.

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