Saturday, March 22, 2008

saturday's record shopping

I went record shopping today with my lovely friend Ariadne, whose soul, to paraphrase, has recently been hijacked by Calvin Johnston and Beat Happening, and who is the biggest Billy B. Childish fan I know. We shouldn't have gone record shopping because it's dangerous for the both of us, but we did anyway. We also did a bit of clothes shopping, but thankfully both of us were a little more restrained there - otherwise, we would have walked away with Rittenhouse sailor dresses, American Apparel silver leggings, pretty Alannah Hill cardigans and super soft Gorman knits. Sigh.

Record shopping is always great fun, especially with a companion who loves it even more than me! Here's what I found on today's journey:

The June Brides - There Are Eight Million Stories LP: I was very excited to find this, as I've never seen a June Brides record before, and, having only heard "Every Conversation", I'm very keen to hear the rest of their songs.

The Monochrome Set - The Jet Set Junta 7": Egg Records always seems to have Monochrome Set records waiting for me, and even today Rick the owner said he probably had a copy of 'Strange Boutique' hanging around, which I will definitely have to go back for.

Saint Etienne - Too Young To Die CD: A compilation of their early 90s singles - yay! This record also features the cutest picture of Sarah Cracknell on the cover.

Love Is All - Nothing To Be Done/Ageing Had Never Been His Friend double A-side 7": Yeah! Pastels cover! This purchase is long overdue, and it makes me regret the fact even more that I missed seeing them live last year.

Sons and Daughters - Darling 7": I never listened to "The Repulsion Box", but I have found this new single very catchy.

Hatcham Social - So So Happy Making 7": Dandy English boys who sound so much like an early 80s Postcard-esque band that when I heard them for the first time, I thought they were actually from the era! Many thanks to Dorian for introducing me to their foppish tunes in the first place.

Ariadne bought The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Head On" 7" and Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" 7". What a day for singles! I left behind a Railway Children LP - I have heard of them before, and I noticed the record was released on Factory. I had a little listen to it and it wasn't too bad, but can anybody offer a recommendation or otherwise?

So really, I have been very naughty, but these new purchases will give me many hours of listening delights. My only problem now? My record player has stopped spinning and I don't know how to fix it! My heartbreak cannot be expressed. (UPDATE: Record player appears to be working; however, it appears to hate Sons and Daughters by deciding not to spin whenever I play this single. it possible to make the hole in the middle of the record a little bigger? I think this is my problem.) Before it broke, however, I was enjoying my new listening delights, and, being as vain as I am, I documented it photographically.

Hope you're enjoying your Easter break!


Marianthi said...

Oh, some lovely finds there, Alex. You are lucky to still have a good record shop where you are. Not the case in London these days. :s Heh, i can see Pete Green's record on the right there in some of those pictures. :)

Hope to meet you when you are in London in April. Maybe at the Minisnap show!

alex said...

Yeah, it's a good feeling to know I can go record shopping and still be able to hunt down some good songs. I'm looking forward to visiting the new Rough Trade store when I'm in London.

It would be really lovely to meet you! I've just read both of your blogs and I'm so sad I won't be there for the Spiral Scratch club nights :(

FireEscape said...

You can increase the size of the spindle hole with a pencil. Shove the pencil in the hole so that it is fast, then rotate the pencil with one hand while keeping the record still with your other hand. This friction will wear the hole greater and the spindle will now accept your record.

alex said...

It worked! Thank you so much!!

Spike said...

Record shopping is brilliant! I did it last week and my bank account is still crying. I, however, am handclapping and bopping!

alex said...

Yay! What did you find?

Spike said...

I found some Darling Buds, a Joni Mitchell album I didn't have (that's quite a rarity!) and several records by bands I'd never heard of but the sleeves made them look like bands I thought I might like. Haven't finished listening to them all yet. Wheeeeee!

kurt said...

Have you heard Uncletoe's Portasound / Phillip Eno?
Terrific band from N.Y.
Head over here

Tons of songs to download!
..and i mean tons!!!!

anna said...

hey, i have silver american apparel leggings! we have psychic multicontinental wardrobes...

alex said...

OMG I am totes buying a pair. Or maybe I'll buy gold ones just to differentiate myself. Mmmm metallic tights...