Sunday, March 23, 2008

matinee delights: electric pop group + northern portrait

I hope you have had a very Happy Easter! What better way to finish off a day of easter eggs and chocolate bunnies galore than to acquaint yourself with some new sounds from the Matinée Records hit parade.

The Electric Pop Group have a new EP out, called "Sunrise". I am really looking forward to listening to this because the first track, "I Could See The Lights", is a corker! It's so cute and Swedish - everything about this song says, "Hello, I am Swedish, and I can't help but being jangly and summery. Please, dance to me." You can judge for yourself by downloading it here, or listening to it on their Myspace page. While you're there, make sure you listen to "Popgirly" (I'm sure you already have, though!) - it is so amusing, and oh, how I'm sure it rings true for so many internetters worldwide.

Matinée are also introducing a new Danish band to the world - Northern Portrait come from Copenhagen, formed in July '07, and are bringing their Smiths-esque lyricisms and earnest vocals to pop fans everywhere via their debut EP, "The Fallen Aristocracy". Matinée are describing the first track "Crazy" as "one of the strongest singles released by Matinée to date!" They're right, too - it's soaring, with smart lyrics and oh, vocals that sound as though maybe Morrissey and the singer from the Weeping Willows have morphed into one. It's a little melancholy, so I could imagine listening to this on an overcast day, wistfully thinking of the one who got away... Have a listen to it here!

Orders, as ever, via the Matinée shop.

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