Monday, March 3, 2008

chasing monday

First it was Moscow Olympics, now Chasing Monday are doing it for the pop kids of South East Asia. Yay! This super-lovely Indonesian band is based around cute couple Emilda and Eko, who seem to have the same Swedish pop obsessions as me, which can never, EVER be a bad thing.

There's only one demo up at the moment, a delight called "Therefore I Hate You". It sounds perfectly Sarah - pretty girl harmonies to back up the quavering boy vocals, guitar lines that sound straight out of a Blueboy 7" and even the obligatory hand claps and ba-baas. I feel as though I should be hearing it on a Matinee compilation, but instead it's a demo. Just lovely, and destined for great things, I hope!


sideroom said...

good one alex !!

also click on Cascade in their Friend List on myspace

I love them too :)

alex said...

Listening to Cascade now - great recommendation. These Indonesian bands are great!!

sideroom said...

only found them that exact moment myself when checking out Chasing Monday !