Sunday, February 17, 2008

weekend bits and pieces

Okay, a brief update to close my weekend and commence another god-awfully busy working week.

The new Long Blondes single is on the internet - hooray! Listen to it here - it's called 'Everything I Touch' on the music player, but Thee SPC assured me on the Anorak forums that it is 'Century'. Hugely audible cheers! And the verdict? Well, at first I wasn't so sure with those ethereal vocals that send me back to the Cocteau Twins and Lush, but now having listened to it a couple of times, with the hollow guitars, Numan-esque synths and an iciness to rival Anna Wintour, it's sure to stay firmly glued in my head for the next week, month, year... I love it!

I went off to Rics last night to see Enn Zid's The Ruby Suns, who are knockin' the socks off everyone around the planet at the moment, it seems - Sub Pop, Popfrenzy, and now little ol' me. They were so much fun! Crazy kaleidoscopes of musical colour that sounded like an electro pop Pet Sounds, to match Ryan's California Games style board shorts. Of course, the crappy surly Rics crowd didn't seem to get it, but at least one guy up the front was dancing away, enjoying himself. Oh yes, and they were ably supported by Brisbane's own Bell Divers, who played a cracking set last night and are the best pop band in Brisbane at the moment. Wait, that should probably read the ONLY pop band in Brisbane. And even then it's more Orange Juice and Go-Betweens than sweet little pop songs. Just to confirm, there appears to now be zero pop scene in existence in Brisbane, just DJs playing shit UK indie and My Chemical Romance. Argh! Anyway, I will tell you more about the Bell Divers sometime soon, because they really are lovely.

Weekend listening came courtesy of the fine, fine Cloudberry Records - yay! A parcel arrived on Friday containing some delicious 3"s, along with some Cloudberry samplers, which have accompanied my many highway drives. So far I've found some super delights from The April Skies, Strawberry Story and Bonnie and Clyde, but oh boy, there is just so much more to discover!

And once again, it's back to the working week and back to more pop discoveries!

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