Sunday, February 3, 2008


Yesterday I mentioned the Humans Beware podcast, which I've since been told is technically not a podcast, but rather a regular MP3 download, because it cannot be automatically downloaded from one's music player. Technicalities aside, the salient point of my post was how great these were to listen to, and how much one could discover by taking the time to listen to these compilations. Last night I was duly rewarded by Humans Beware Podcast #24, which featured the lip-smacking sounds of Antonia Pehrson aka Tango aka Komon.

So, she's from Gothenburg, cites Talulah Gosh, Dolly Mixture and early Primal Scream amongst her influences, and makes all her own dots and loops on her guitar, organ, casio, melodica and the magical Fruiti Loops. What is not to love? Oh yeah, and she is cute as all hell!! I love love LOVE these songs - they're like a magical combinations of Shop Assistants punkiness, Rose Melberg cuteness and Free Loan Investments spiky sweetness. "Poetry For The Winter" is waiting for the perfect cardigan-adorned dancefloor, while "I Made New Friends", from her Cloudberry 3" (and track 4 on the aforementioned podMP3-cast) is a lo-fi bleeping, buzzing dancefloor explosion with crisp English vocals all about the cities she's going to move to.

She has a song called "eBay Watchlist", too, which is all about keeping an eye on an auction for an english polo shirt. Oh yes, I've done this many times before, and this brings my count of songs about eBay to two (the first one was by Brisbane band Sun Hill, and was all about how one of their friends missed one of their shows so he could monitor the closing minutes of his ebay auction). You can listen to this at the Papillon Noirs myspace page, who will be releasing a Komon 7" (and a Fireflies one, too) later this year. YAY!

Last night I bought her 3" from Cloudberry, and I think you should too! Trust me, you too will fall in love in no time.


SamB said...

She looks like what I would expect a female version of Chris Harms to look like. Like, exactly.

alex said...

you're right on the money with this one.

Anonymous said...

don't forget 'ebay love' by after school sports (swedish cosy recordings)'s a winner!

alex said...

oh, thank you for the tip! just found her myspace and i'm quickly falling in love :)

nick said...

Alex! Stumbled across Ebay Watchlist 7" today in Manchester. It is now mine.