Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Even though it's only Wednesday, it's been a tumultuous week so far. I should be rejoicing because I now have a shiny new digital camera to play with, but I'm not, because this stupid full moon is playing evil tidal tricks on me. Rah! Nevermind, though, because I have the delightful Pocketbooks to cheer me up.

When I think of pocketbooks, I think of the old Belle & Sebastian song "Pocketbook Angel" (an aside - I saw Stuart David's new novel in Borders the other day. I think I have to read it!). Of course, that's a great thing, and these classic, dancefloor-ready pop songs by this London five-piece certainly match the standard. By the sounds of it, they're taking off everywhere - last year they headlined the Indietracks festival, and now there's a new EP coming out soon called 'Waking Up' on Make Do and Mend Records. Yay! If you'd like a taste it's streaming on, but you can also download 'Don't Stop' here!

Meanwhile, I adore 'Cross the Line', which is currently streaming on their myspace page. All those old keyboards and lyrics about losing train cards and eating crisps appeals to my public transport travelling ways. What am I saying? They're all good! Stuff this full moon - these songs are making my night for sure!


christos said...

Pockies are lovely, aren't they?
Many thanks for accepting the friend request on Lastfm - it's Christos (bachelorkisses on Lastfm) :-) Your blog is beautiful and your taste in indiepop ACE! xx

alex said...

Oh thank you! I can't wait to read all your musings on your blog :) You have equally splendid tastes!