Saturday, February 2, 2008

podcast delights!

Holy crap, I have discovered the greatest podcasts ever, and, best of all, they're straight out of Sydney!

Humans Beware plays all the pop songs i'm too stupid to know about - in listening to the latest podcast, I've discovered the delights of Je Suis Animal, Komon and Strawberry Whiplash, amongst others. Stay tuned, because it is imperative of me to investigate these bands further.

Side Room 7" Singles is based around the following concept:

I found a huge pile of my 7 inch singles in the side room laying dormant and seemingly unloved ( which is not the case really ) and I decided I wouldn't interfere with the order they had assembled themself into and pick up the pile and go thru them 10 at a time and record them and podcast them and post it on this blog. I have no idea which 10 singles are coming up next !! And I'm having a great time doing it....

The results are AMAZING - if I had this 7" collection, I would be the happiest person ever!! The latest podcast features Heavenly alongside Essential Logic, and Split Enz followed by the Teardrop Explodes. Previous podcasts have featured Australian obscurities (Rabbits Wedding, plus old Brisbane bands such as The End and The Poles), the best of C86 and 80s UK indie, and more. If this record collection isn't worth a fortune, then I don't know what is. And if this isn't the greatest idea for a blog ever, then blow me dead.

Honestly, I have gone green with utter envy, but I'm going to keep listening so I can learn just a few things or three!!

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sideroom said...


thanks for the massive plug !!

But happier you like the music, and also happier u seem to looooove music and I gotta say this is a great blog because of it....keep the love burning !!

I also found out about a couple of bands I've n ver heard of - and really dig 'em...

great great stuff :)