Saturday, February 9, 2008

recent lady loves

I would love to write lots and lots about all these wonderful bands I've discovered recently, but, truth be told, I keep finding more and more each day and I don't have enough time to write about every band I've fallen in love with. Hugely audible sigh. So, I'd like to share some brief bits about a few lovely lady pop bands I have girly pop crushes on right now:

Slow Down Tallahassee are three girls and a boy from Sheffield. My love for a couple of big Sheffield bands is well documented - in particular, my love for one Sheffield band that also features three sassy ladies and, well, two boys. What is it with all this sass, eh? Can I have some? Anyway, these Tallahassee ladies make picture-perfect girl-group pop songs, and they're well dressed and damn cute to boot! Please go to the Cloudberry website and download "Candy", because I can't stop listening to it, and I'm really jealous if you have a copy of this 3". I want their hot pink Sheffield Phonographic Corporation 7", as well as anything else I can ship my way. New Pipettes? I kinda hope so!!

Taken By Trees is ex-Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman's new solo project. Yes yes, album was released last year - I know that now - but that's not going to stop me from expressing my love for these pretty, wistful songs. Oh look, she does a quiet version of "Sweet Child O' Mine"! (An aside: my favourite Guns n Roses cover is Mogwai's version of "Don't Cry") I know some people find it difficult to listen to her vocals, but I like how it's this charming half-spoken voice with her Swedish vocals giving it a half American, half English accent. The musicianship is creative, too. I'm really glad she's doing solo songs, because the first Concretes album was so addictive, and I don't think I could listen to Peter, Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" all day just to hear her voice.

Finally, last week I mentioned that the Humans Beware podcast had introduced me to the Scandinavian delights of Je Suis Animal. I asked my Norwegian colleague at work if he had heard of them, but unfortunately he hadn't (he was surprised when I rattled off lots of other Norwegian bands - Sondre Lerche, Turbonegro, Kings of Convenience, etc.). Again, the question begs - why are Scandinavians so beautiful? And why can they produce such perfect pop songs? "Secret Place" is just so buzzy and jangly and wonderful - I'm besotted.

In boy news, I saw Trans Am last night and really enjoyed their Back To The Future take on rock and roll. Duelling basses! Pummelling synthesisers! No silver pants, alas, but the drummer did take his shirt off to display a huge gold chain. I never thought I'd say it, but it was almost like enjoyable post rock. Oh yes, and I'm in Melbourne for the next few days, being a little worker bee, so more than likely I will write again on Wednesday!


sideroom said...

hey ALex - GOD you don't know how much I want that red vinyl 7" by Slow Down Tallahassee !!!

sideroom said...


check my latest humansbeware for a Je Suis Animal video clip !!