Wednesday, November 5, 2008

swedish pop love: cloetta paris

Swedish pop really is the best, don't you think? I've held this opinion for quite a few years now, and I'm still astounded at how often a country of eight million unbelievably attractive people can produce so much brilliant pop music. I've been playing some old Swedish favourites recently. On the train yesterday, I listened to Sambassadeur for the first time in a while, and floated away with the majesty of "Between The Lines" and "Ice and Snow" once more. Then, on my way home tonight, I played some Love Is All, who really are more amazing than words can describe. I'm still decidedly bitter about missing their Australian tour last year. Sigh. On the upside, their Myspace says they have a new album out NEXT WEEK! And they're touring with the Vivian Girls! Oh, utter jealousy.

I've now fallen madly in love with Cloetta Paris, a duo from Stockholm who are cuter than I thought was humanly possible.

Their Scandinavian cuteness is backed up by some super sweet disco house tunes, which sound like sister tunes to Sally Shapiro's delicious Italo House. If all dance music was as sweet, icy and danceable as this, I'd have no trouble spending every weekend at the disco. I love this new wave of disco - Cloetta Paris take what Saint Etienne established by pinching bits and pieces from the best of music, and give what's essentially 80s and 90s throwback beats a shiny gloss for the '08 dancefloor lipsmackers.

I'll tell you, based on the strength of "Cry Just A Little Bit" alone, I just went and bought their album from Skywriting Records, and it's a big thanks to Rob for introducing me to these amazing songs!


Kippers said...

I'm quite partial to a bit of Cloetta Paris meself! Who'd've thunk that a Shakin' Stevens cover could prove such a winner? Their version of St Elmo's Fire's a belter too.

Marianthi said...

God, I LOVE Roger in that duffle coat. <3 <3

Anonymous said...

You should check out Je Suis Animal - - Norwegian pop love.....Hotel Electrique is great!