Saturday, November 29, 2008

el records

I just read a terrific article on The Guardian website about the legendary El Records - have a read here. Up until just over 12 months ago, I didn't really know much at all about El at all - in fact, I didn't know it at all. But, thanks to a mixtape I received last year positively brimming with brilliant El artists I'd not heard before - Would-Be-Goods, Momus, Bad Dream Fancy Dress - I've been converted ever since. Like the article says, I love its inherent Britishness - being quite the Anglophile, it has this mystery and charm about it that runs through all the music.

I could easily drop hundreds of dollars buying up the El back catalogue, along with a million other gems over at Cherry Red. I restrained myself today, however, and came away with just a Momus DVD and the Shop Assistants' "Will Anything Happen?" reissue CD. The Mo-Dettes reissue was very tempting, as was the Adorable best-of - sigh, perhaps next time.


Alistair Fitchett said...

I think there is a big variation in quality in the El catalogue - lots of things in there that i've not much time for personally. But the highlights are indisputably very great indeed. I like how the 'El mark 2' label has been putting out lots of old reissues - the Lost Weekend / Night Of The Hunter soundtracks for example. Great reference points for what a lot of the groups and artists back in the time of the first incarnation of El would have been listening to. Oh, and another tack entirely, I've put the Adorable collection up for you here I'll take the files off in a few days, so be speedy :)

alex said...

Oooh thank you so much for the link! It is great to revisit Adorable again - only wish I could go out and dance to 'Homeboy' more often.