Sunday, November 30, 2008


I think San Francisco's Nodzzz rate as my favourite garage band of the moment. Of course, they can never really rival Billy Childish, whose fecundity in pumping out garage hits can never, ever be beaten, but they are giving him a good run for his money with their self-titled 12" on What's Your Rupture?. Can I just say that WYR? are killing it at the moment - what with the new Love Is All album as well as all those brilliant Cause Co-Motion singles they released, they'll no doubt send me broke in no time.

Anyway, Nodzzz are three San Franciscan boys making noisy garage songs slapped straight onto the 4-track like every day was Saturday afternoon out in the back room, drinking beers and jamming songs. As a big karaoke fan, I particularly like "Controlled Karaoke", but I'm also partial to a bit of "Losing My Accent". There's the power pop, Byrds-esque jangle in there but enough shaky drumming and imperfect guitar lines in there to ensure it maintains a certain shambolic charm. After all, aren't the best looks and sounds those that are a bit scruffed up?

Pick up the Nodzzz LP from What's Your Rupture? here! Hey, who needs to eat when you can buy records instead?

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