Saturday, November 29, 2008

lloyd & michael, woelv, jeremy jay...

I've had another exceptionally busy week, but it's always rewarding when it involves seeing wonderful bands that take your breath away, make you dance and wish that everyone loved the sounds as much as you do.

Last Saturday I flew down to Melbourne and was lucky enough to see Lloyd & Michael and Woelv play at the Triple R studios. I say lucky because I'd intended to see them in Brisbane last Thursday, but ended up being exceptionally ill that evening. Lloyd & Michael are Katy Davidson (aka Dear Nora) and M. Richey, playing cute songs on guitar and recorder. Totally winsome and very charming! Woelv, meanwhile, blew me away again, with her self-recorded loops - she is amazing amazing amazing to see live - watching her build a song up layer by layer is phenomenal.

(Note: I'd have taken pictures but I forgot to - argh! They were all super cute though!)

Last Wednesday, having flown in that morning, I made an effort to go to The Troubadour in Brisbane to see Jeremy Jay, straight from Los Angeles. Despite the rain, a small but select crowd turned out on a weeknight for the type of show I'd love to go to each week. The Legend! did a capella versions of Young Marble Giants, Zombies and Television Personalities, stripping everything right back and enchanting all 15 of us who'd made it there early. I feel so lucky to be able to see him in my own town, because I haven't seen anybody else in the world game enough to do half of what he does.

The Bell Divers played as tight a set as I'd seen, and they continue to sound better and better each time. Make sure you listen to their album because it is really good, and they deserve to be far more adored! Meanwhile, seeing Guy Blackman again, this time with a drummer and Adele Pickvance (who played in the Go-Betweens and now plays with Robert Forster) on bass, impressed me far more than the Powerhouse show a few months ago. In fact, I really like his songs, and seeing them live again just brought to life all those interesting lyrics - sometimes dark, sometimes wry, but always very thought provoking.

I hadn't heard Jeremy Jay until Wednesday night - he appeared on stage looking like Robert Forster circa Send Me A Lullaby and produced this hollow surf guitar sound that made me feel like I was on a deserted beach at dusk, watching the sun set as the waves crashed around me. The songs? Fantastic - the type that seep into your consciousness really slowly but then never want to escape. Everyone was charmed by his lanky stage presence, his insouciance, his way of charming all 50 of us who warmed to him in no time. I bought his 2008 demos CD, which should suit this humid weather perfectly.

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christos said...

Whoah! Did you see Jeremy Jay? I was blown away by his voice when I first heard him. You are so right about his slender postur- he does bring to mind a young Robert Forster. That was exactly what I thought of him when I first saw a photo of him...even his voice reminds me of Robert's so much!!His songs are indeed fantastic xxx