Friday, November 21, 2008

sexy kids

So it seems like the most discussed band in indie pop circles this week has been Glasgow's Sexy Kids, and for good reason - "Sisters are Forever" is one of those tracks that has snuck into my consciousness and doesn't want to remove itself. It's so simple, and says it all in less than three minutes - those crashing hi-hats, those hollow guitars and oh boy, those vocals. Earlier tonight I pulled out The Royal We album, and it's the perfect progression on from where this sadly short-lived band ended off.

I'm waiting in anticipation for the "Sisters are Forever" 7" to arrive from Slumberland, but in the meantime make it your friend by downloading the MP3 here.


Blake said...

Have you heard the "b-side"? Their album is going to be stellar.

Darragh said...

I liek that song.