Friday, October 10, 2008

springtime mixtime!

I understand that for most people who read my blog, it's autumn and the leaves are turning every shade of gold and bronze. However, here in sunny (well, actually, rainy at the moment) Brisbane, the weather's warm, the beers are cold and it's t-shirt weather. Yesterday I wore a floral Antipodium blouse to work and told my colleagues I was the blossoming spring garden in the office. Spring is alive and what better way to celebrate the heart of the season than with ten songs to add golden rays to your day.

Download Alex's Springtime mix here!

1. Shonen Knife - "Daydream Believer" (Happy Hour, Big Deal, 1998)
2. Echobelly - "King Of The Kerb" (On, Work, 1995)
3. Girls At Our Best - "Fast Boyfriends" (Pleasure, Happy Birthday, 1981)
4. Paris - "Hey Sailor" (Yellow Eden, V2, 2004)
5. France Gall - "Le Temps de la Rentree" (Baby Pop, Philips, 1966)
6. The Motorcycle Boy - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" (Trying To Be Kind 12", Blue Guitar, 1989)
7. Pipas - "Cruel And Unusual" (Matinee Summer Splash!, Matinee, 2002)
8. The Radio Dept. - "1995" (Lesser Matters, Shelflife, 2003)
9. Melody Dog - "Futuristic Lover" (Futuristic Lover 7", K, 1992)
10. The Saturday People - "Twilight Story" (The Saturday People, Slumberland, 2001)


Kippers said...

Don't mind if I do. Thanks, Alex! :)

I think we must have pinched your weather here in Blighty at the moment BTW. It's been unseasonably warm and sunny. Woo.

martijn said...

Oh, I like this mix :)