Wednesday, October 1, 2008

skateboard for sale!

Apart from designing the cutie picture that greets you on this page, my super-lovely pal Catherine Insch designed a skateboard for the recent I Used To Skate Once 4 art show, held by my favourite shop, The Outpost.

It looks so good in reality - golden background, and a proper skateboard size! If you're keen, it's $150 - send Cat an email and get some skateboard art into your life!

In other exciting news, I am convinced Girls At Our Best are one of the best bands ever hands down no questions asked best amazing best. They're phenomenal! I am so in love!


Dennis said...

Girls At Our Best! have made some of my favourite songs ever. Too bad Judy Evans never did anything after GAOB (that I know of).

Nice skateboard!

Anonymous said...

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