Wednesday, October 15, 2008

objects of desire

I do love a good record buying opportunity, and one of the best spots in the country to hunt down all manner of rare record beasts is Newtown's Egg Records. It's the southern sister store to the Brisbane shop, and I've previously documented some of my top finds whilst trawling its racks. Little sister in Sydney sure didn't disappoint on Saturday, especially when I found this baby under "G":

I had to contain myself when I saw this Girls At Our Best! record waiting just for me - it must have been fate, given how obsessed I've been with them lately. When I purchased it, I even told the nice man behind the counter that he'd made my weekend by having it there for me. I wanted to hug him! When I went outside I pretty much jumped up and down on the spot when showing it to Sam - I had to squeal! The record plays in mint condition, and oh, I can tell it's going to get more than a few plays.

Best of all, it came with its own "Pleasure Bag" - a printed paper pleasure bag with a sticker, little activities and a postcard! Best ever!

I was very restrained, however - I could have bought so many records, but I purchased these two lovelies as well:

I've been listening to the Triffids song "Raining Pleasure" quite a bit lately, and I heard it in a shop we went into on King Street. I think that partially influenced my purchase - well, that, and the Triffids are such a darkly sophisticated band that I can't help but want to hear all their albums. And The Rondelles? Well, that was far too good a find to pass up! It has "Drag Strip Race" and "Magazine" on it - two songs which I loved a whole lot back when I was 18. I can't wait to listen to them again - it'll get the party going in this room, that's for sure.

Sydney was terrific overall - danced the night away at Spectrum on Saturday night, drank beers overlooking Bondi Beach, then did lots of work work stuff for the past couple of days. I'm glad to be home, though - I'm exhausted!


WinterAcademy said...

do you know there is a [quite fantastic] greek indiepop band called Raining Pleasure?

Check out rainsong 55

and 'fake'

they're both excellent

ps:great blog btw!

christos said...

Alex, I second winteracademy's post above. Raining Pleasure is a great indiepop band from Patras, Greece and they have been very popular in Greece since they released their major label debut record (Flood) back in 2001. I made a review of one of their first gigs they ever played in Patras, at club Drum in 1993 (gosh! that sounds ages ago!!!). That review was included in the first issue of our indiepop fanzine that me and Mariathi used to make back in '90s...I still remember I was so amazed by them that night that I ran back home and wrote that long review praising them for their talent and music (they had a unique sound for a greek pop band and most importantly songs in English). Ach, sorry to rample on, Alex - hope you don't mind :-)

Oh and I love Girls at out Best so much!! they are one of my favourite bands. Sadly they were so underrated...Pleasure is a post-punk gem! xxx