Sunday, October 19, 2008

damon & naomi

If I were to give birth to a daughter right about now, I would name her Naomi after the beautiful Naomi Yang. I've never listened much to Galaxie 500 nor Damon & Naomi, but these clips on La Blogotheque, filmed in a Paris apartment last year, are just beautiful. Perfect Sunday afternoon listening!

I think I will spend my afternoon watching Galaxie 500 clips on Youtube. "Blue Thunder" is the only song I really know - Stephen Malkmus included it when he guest-programmed Rage back in 2001. I still have it on video - have a look at his very diverse playlist and you can understand why it still warrants repeated viewings seven years later.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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brogues said...

Galaxie 500 are probably the best guitar bend ever for me. I really can't think of any other band (maybe The Clientele?) who can play extended solos/passages and make every last note something to cherish. The double dvd ( is tremendous! Thanks to this post I plan on listening to the 4 cd box set and probably the 'Copenhagen' live cd and then ... ooh ... for good measure the BBC sessions cd :) What a band! Dean Wareham was once browsing next to me in a record shop in Glasgow and like a prune I didn't recognise him. Boy, did I feel silly when it was pointed out who was browsing the vinyl next to me. Mind you, I did the same with Alex Chilton :)