Thursday, January 3, 2008

lucky soul

Elefant Records has long been one of my favourite continental labels, and they seem to have a knack for releasing the best English pop songs to the world. Not content with the likes of Camera Obscura, Helen Love and the Trembling Blue Stars in their ranks, these lovely Spaniards have released Lucky Soul to the world! They're from London and unite orchestral songs with northern soul and that sixties heartbreak that just makes you want to dance your sorrows away.

I read a review that described Lucky Soul's sound as a combination of Saturday Looks Good To Me, Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, and it's pretty well spot on. 'Add Your Light To Mine, Baby' has a real swagger about it, and Ali Howard's silky vocals and sylphish looks are just so enticing. And anyway, when a band looks like a 60s version of Brideshead Revisited if The Hives frequented Evelyn Waugh's upper-class circles, how can you go wrong?

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