Tuesday, January 22, 2008

cat's miaow video clip

I don't generally like to share too many videos around, because I know I don't watch that many of them when other people share them with me. I'm terrible in that respect. However, I've been thinking about The Cat's Miaow a bit lately, particularly how much I love "Third Floor Fire Escape View". A better lo-fi pop charmer is hard to find.

A couple of years ago, I had a boyfriend who owned one of the "Munch" video compilations, which featured the film clip to this song, alongside Black Tambourine's "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge", Heavenly's "Our Love Is Heavenly" and Even As We Speak's "Drown". Suffice to say, it was very influential on me - I think that was the point I truly, truly fell in love with Heavenly, and haven't looked back since. I only wish I had stolen the video when we broke up! Anyway, some lovely technologically minded souls have put these video clips on Youtube for the world to share, so please enjoy this Cat's Miaow clip.


Matt said...

one of the best songs EVER. its no hollow inside, but its definitely in my top 5 favorite cats miaow songs. i have that munch video... digitally, of course, but i watch it all the time, theres some great videos on it.

martijn said...

I can't but agree with Matt. The Cat's Miaow are (were) so incredibly brilliant. Someone I know once said they whisper their songs to the world and that is so very true.

I once linked to this video and then it was taken off YouTube the next day or so. I think it was the only time I ever embedded a video into my blog. I'm glad to see it's back.

Also, I'm glad I discovered your blog.

Victoria said...

I believe I have seen said video.