Thursday, January 24, 2008

boy genius

So Boy Genius are the talk of the internet at the moment, and I'm going to write about them too. Earlier tonight I looked like a silly inflexible buffoon by taking a yoga class, and afterwards all I wanted to do was listen to quiet, peaceful music, so I listened to The Field Mice, Felt and The Softies on my train ride home. Now I'm home, I'm ready for something more upbeat, but not too upbeat that I want to just turn my bedroom into a dancefloor. No, like Goldilocks, I need something that's just right, and Boy Genius's debut EP "Eureka" fits that bill very well.

Opening track "Fair Weather" has a bit of a mid-90s Matador guitar sound about it, but then the chorus changes the song from a crunchy Helium-esque track into a catchy pop chugger, with its trumpets and boy-girl harmonies. "Radio Silence" reminds me of something I'd have taped off the radio about ten years, listened to repeatedly then spent two hours calling up the radio station asking for a request. Even though they're from Brooklyn, it has a sound about it I've heard in a lot of Australian 90s indie - bands like Smudge and Drop City, who were both on Half a Cow, who I mentioned the other day. I guess that says something about how heavily influenced Australian bands were (and are) by American indie rock.

In all, "Eureka" channels the best parts of classic indie record labels of the late 80s and 90s to provide the kids of the 00s with a history lesson on how great indie pop songs can be made.

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