Friday, January 4, 2008

bubblegum lemonade

Here in Brisbane, it's been raining quite a bit of late, and as romantic as the rain can be when one can stay in bed and snuggle up with books and records, it's not much fun after two weeks of grey skies and a few days back at work. Normally when the weather's like this, all I want to do is listen to shoegaze or Leonard Cohen and ponder, "when's the sun coming back?" But then, just like magic, I'll listen to something and it'll instantly lift me out of the wet and rainy doldrums.

Take Bubblegum Lemonade - he's from Glasgow, so he must know a thing or two about grey skies, yet he's managed to craft some splendid songs that hark back to the glorious days of C86 and 53rd & 3rd. There's the definite Jesus & Mary Chain influence in the feedback-laden harmonies and echoed drums of "Ten Years Younger", while his cover of "That Thing You Do" is just dreamy. You know, Fountains of Wayne used to write killer pop songs like that, but I digress. Anyway, Caledonian jangles are just what I need after dreary days, and I tend to think that if grey skies can produce such melodies, then I might just be able to tolerate a few more of them.

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