Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sneaky Feelings

The Sneaky Feelings were one of the classic Dunedin bands Flying Nun introduced to the world back in the 1980s. With an ear for clean pop hooks and romantically poetic lyrics that so defined similar New Zealand bands during this period, it's hard to understand why they have not achieved the mythical reputation of such other Flying Nun bands as The Bats and The Verlaines in later years. A while ago, Chris wrote a terrific piece about listening to their first album Send You for the first time in months. As a new listener to the Sneaky Feelings, I can understand why you would need to come back to these songs.

By way of introduction, I picked up Positively George Street, a retrospective of their three albums and various singles. It's interesting to hear the different styles of each of the four members, all of whom write and sing various songs. From the dark organ sounds on Matthew Bannister's "Hard Love", to the speedy rush of David Pine's "Trouble With Kay" and Martin Durrant's fine, jangly "Coming True", it showcases how different styles can all unite to produce wonderfully different, yet strikingly cohesive pop.

In fact, upon hearing "Coming True" for the first time yesterday, I was instantly caught up in its sunny optimism and sincerity. If I'd not been told this was a Flying Nun track from 1987, I'd have almost assumed it was something released on Labrador in 2003. A beautiful example of timeless pop that I'm sure many bands but wish they could build for themselves.

Download "Coming True"


Kippers said...

Ooh I like that! I have a sneaky feeling I'll be shelling out for at least one of their albums, one of these days. ;)

Headache said...

Sneaky Feelings, one of my favorite bands EVER...!Totally and utterly underated. Should have been legendary by now, but alas no such luck this time.