Monday, January 19, 2009

melbourne pt. 2: all those damn records

Following on from yesterday's commentary on Friday night's pop show, here's where I now crap on about how many records I bought. I just can't help it - I love buying records and I love then writing all about them as they play in the background. Delight!

I didn't have very much time to trawl through lots of record stores, as much as I would have loved to. Hence, I only came away with new albums for the most part.

I really wish I'd managed to garner myself a first pressing of the Vivian Girls album, but this shiny In The Red copy will serve me very well. The t-shirt that came in the summer fun pack is also a winner, I must add, as is the single, with its Beach Boys cover and all round summer vibe. Meanwhile, I absolutely could not resist buying the two Frida Hyvönen albums on vinyl - I fall in love more and more with each listen. The first album, Until Death Comes, isn't quite as captivating as Silence Is Wild (then again, little is), but it's still full of beautiful, elegant songs that whisk me away to a truly serene place. I love her, I really really do.

I did, however, make friends with quite a few singles at Collectors Corner.

Top row: Honeybunch - "Walking Into Walls"; The Springfields - "Wonder/Tomorrow Ends Today"; My Life Story - "12 Reasons Why".
Bottom row: The Crayon Fields - "Mirror Ball"; Pitchblende/Swirlies split; Wimp Factor 14 - "Train Song"

I love love love the Honeybunch single and want to hunt down more of their songs! The Crayon Fields single is excellent - I highly recommend you secure yourself a copy, or if you'd like me to hunt one down for you, I'd be more than happy too. It's thanks to Brogues that I even picked up a copy for myself! And as for My Life Story? Well, I am a bit of a Britpop tragic, after all...

Sadly, I had to leave some excellent singles behind - both Laughing Apple 7"s, plus some Po! flexis and a couple of Brilliant Corners releases. Oh, if only.

And here's some CDs I finally picked up for myself: The Sneaky Feelings - "Positively George Street" (highly recommended!); Young Marble Giants - "Colossal Youth" 3CD reissue; Jeremy Jay - "A Place Where We Could Go"; The Hidden Cameras - "The Smell of Our Own" (I never realised what was actually on the cover until today - eek!); The 6ths - "Wasps' Nests". I love love love all of these!

Oh, so much to listen to! So much fun! And, oh, so much I had to leave behind, too.

Of course, being a typical girly girl, I bought clothes and shoes and such - a beautiful Built By Wendy dress, plus a pair of crazy German shoes by Trippen that come with a two page instruction manual on how to care for them. I love these shoes so much.

Now, I suppose, it's back to reality, but with so many more excellent tracks to listen to, I feel like I can still be on holidays. A weekend in Melbourne? More than recommended.


newman said...

i know how you feel about vinyls, im always buying and selling on ebay!

like the blog,


Anonymous said...

love those shoes! i am looking at the website...which are they?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

you should pick up honeybunch's time trials from elefant! might still be on sale... it includes all their stuff apart from a few tracks you should be able to find online.

one of those hyvönen covers look a lot like this. another great record (jasmine star's s/t).


alex said...

Anon: The shoes are the Round style - Best shoes ever!

Kris: Thanks for the tip, gonna scoot over to elefant now. Sigh. And that other album cover is similarly beautiful.

boy said...

those shows are absolutely amazing! the red is brilliant.