Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plan B

If you do but one thing with your day today, I recommend you toddle down to your local newsagent/bookstore/record store/magazine vendor and pick up a copy of this month's Plan B. Not only is it always a terrific read, but the January issue features a piece about everyone's favourite noisy pop wunderkinds, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, written by yours truly! It is very exciting to be published, made even better by being able to write about one of my favourite bands in the world right now.

If you don't feel like throwing on pants today, you can always order yourself a copy here.


Dennis said...

It appears your favourite band likes you as well:

(see somewhere at two-thirds of the interview)

Kippers said...

A published writer, eh? Impressive! Kudos to you, alex!

Another great interview there BTW Dennis. Kudos to you also!

brogues said...

Tremendous! I bought mine from a shop and I wasn't even wearing any pants :)