Sunday, January 18, 2009

melbourne pt. 1: friday night pop show!

Has 2009 been a good year for you so far? It's been a truly fantastic year for me - apart from one awful boy incident (which was made better by a bottle of pinot noir, lots of Long Blondes and a night of dancing last weekend), January has been having an absolute blast.

I've just returned from a weekend in Melbourne, and I am falling more in love with the city with each visit. I'll divide my weekend into two posts - the one to follow will detail all my record acquisitions, but for now all I want to write about is how much fun I had at a proper pop show on Friday night at the Birmingham Hotel, featuring Summer Cats, most of The Deidres, The Motifs and Audiobooks.

For their first show, Audiobooks made a cracking start. It didn't matter to the audience that Greg said he forgot the lyrics - all those great melodies and debut nerves added to the appeal of the set. If you like The Zebras, you should definitely enjoy the couple of songs they have on their myspace page! (I'll also admit an element of bias because all the members were formerly from Brisbane.)

Like most everyone else, I can't help but smile and feel beyond happy when I hear The Motifs, with their cute keyboards and simple melodies. It's so delightful to see these songs live because they warm me up, make me tap my feet and make me wish I could write songs with a keyboard and handclaps.

(My Motifs pictures came out blurry because I was trying a fancy different setting on my camera. I think I will just stick to standard old settings, the photography novice I am.)

Three of The Deidres have been enjoying the Australian summer, and they played a wee set with an honorary member, calling themselves Can You Say Nincompoop? I'll admit, I've not really listened to The Deidres very much, despite a million and one recommendations, but they sure played a fun set reminiscent of being around a campfire, with their feathers in their hair and ponchos recalling secret Indian charades. They even had a fake trumpet!

I loved how they sang along out of their songbooks, improvised with instruments (xylophones, kazoos, the aforementioned fake trumpet) and had a few of us singing along to "Milk Is Politics" in no time - luckily I was standing next to a newfound friend, Andy, who had the 7" at the ready to teach me the words.

As for Summer Cats? Early on in the evening, they kept warning me about how rubbish they were live and how I'd be disappointed, blah blah - all that self-deprecating rubbish I know all about. But were they? Of course not! They were brilliant! Singing Scott kept making exceptionally drunken banter (including a few regular choice words!) which brought the humour levels up, but then pulled out perfect vocals. I helped to start up a dancefloor, which surely is a necessity at a Summer Cats show - how can you stand still when songs like "Lonely Planet" and "Wild Rice" are playing? You can't!

Reverb + new songs + old hits + lots of dancing = winning Summer Cats set. If I lived down south, I'd be at every show, hands down. Oh, and I mustn't forget their cover of The Left Banke's "She May Call You Up Tonight" - brilliant!!

After the show, I had a bit of a dance to some classic Flying Nun (Look Blue Go Purple and The Clean) in between LOTS of space rock jamz. Overall, an exceptionally fun night, and one I wish I had the chance to experience far more often. Who knows - my wishes may soon come to fruition.

Expect part two tomorrow night!

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