Sunday, January 11, 2009

ipso facto

Ipso Facto are four monochromatic ladies from London making deliciously rich and menacing tunes to haunt your subconscious. Majorette drumming and brooding bass provide a suitably dark backdrop for Rosalie Cunningham's beautiful, melodramatic vocals, dripping with red wine and cherries. It's enchanting and intoxicating, and I don't want to be led out of this mysterious forest.

Their "Six and Three Quarters" single, on pure white vinyl, has had more than a number of spins on this monochrome lover's turntable. Listening to those baroque organs chase me around, it makes sense why the single was released through Mute Records - after all, it's the label that effectively defined cold, clinical menace with "Warm Leatherette" back in '78. Ipso Facto make me giddy with their allure - I am enjoying being drawn right into their cult of darkness.

(Image from Design Scene)

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