Sunday, August 31, 2008

my first mix: single songs

I've finally made my first foray into the world of the digital mix, and I present to you my very first: single songs! I've been a single lady for more than a year now, and while sometimes it gets me down, most of the time I'm too busy being, well, busy and caught up with my own life to worry about it! Here are ten songs which, I think, cover the best and worst parts of being single. If you're in a similar situation to me, or if you're happily coupled, I hope you enjoy!

Download Alex's Single Songs mix here!

1. The Shermans - "Happy Being Lonely" (Casual, Shelflife, 2001)
"...after all, I have a career to think about..."

2. Lush - "Single Girl" (Lovelife, 4AD, 1996)
"...don't want to be in a fight..."

3. The Long Blondes - "My Heart Is Out of Bounds" (Appropriation (By Any Other Name), Angular, 2005)
"...some boys will never have me, it's of no consequence..."

4. Heavenly - "Atta Girl" (Atta Girl, Sarah, 1993)
"...cause i'm not yours, and i never will be now..."

5. Belle & Sebastian - "I Don't Love Anyone (Black Session)" (Black Session, 1998)
"...not even Christmas..."

6. The Shermans - "The Myth of Being Alone" (Casual, Shelflife, 2001)
"...things are not always what they seem..."

7. Biff Bang Pow! - "Love's Going Out Of Fashion" (The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel, Creation, 1987)
" mind turns black and blue..."

8. Blueboy - "Boys Don't Matter" (Unisex, Sarah, 1995)
" day, when you need me, i'll still be here..."

9. Free Loan Investments - "Kick His Balls Out" (Ever Been To Mexico?, Shelflife, 2002)
"...he's pushing you around, let him go now..."

10. The Long Blondes - "The Couples" ("Couples", Rough Trade, 2008)
"...these people have the nerve to tell me that they're lonely..."


Kippers said...

You forgot On My Own by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald. ;)

Craig said...

Just what I needed.

Blake said...

your mix is a nice mix.

alex said...

yay! glad you all like!

kippers: gonna hunt down that song - clearly it's a must if it's labelle AND michael mcdonald. smooth!!

michael said...

Nice mix!

Do you know this Shermans song: ? It's their best, I think! From an Apricot compilation, before the girl started singing. You might know it, but thought I'd share anyway. Seeing their name on this mix reminded me of how good they were (are?).

alex said...

Yes, I love it! It's on the same compilation both these songs are from. Songs about tea are terrific!