Saturday, August 2, 2008


You could say I'm going through a bit of a revivalist phase at the moment. Everything I am doing or liking at the moment seems to channel something from the past, be it my own history, cultural scenes or music that's been left behind. Maybe my life is one big revivalist phase, who knows?

Last night I had a tremendous time dancing to 60s French pop at GoMA - if only I could do this all of the time. Sadly, only three of us held the dancefloor for the night, and at its peak about 20 people were dancing away, while the gallery attendees watched on for entertainment value. I was dancing because the music was brilliant and I had a huge amount of space to show off my bedroom dance stylings - if it entertained everyone, well then, glad to be of service. France Gall, Anna Karina, Jacques Dutronc, Michel Polnareff and Marie Laforet all had a spin, plus many more - I'd love to get a hold of the playlist and expand my French pop knowledge.

I think I channelled last night's 60s music feast today when I had my hair cut - it's very much a Mary Quant-esque style, and I love it. I only hope I can style it as well as my lovely Swedish hairdresser did it. Of course, I will never look as lovely as the original:

I also did a spot of record shopping today - for the most part, I didn't manage to find much indie pop, and instead opted for Lesley Gore 7"s, Gainsbourg albums and some new wave hits. However, one gem in the ranks was this delicious find:

Imagine my glee at finding this wonderful Cannanes album! Sure, it was quite pricey, but it's on amazing pink vinyl, it's in perfect condition and it's full of all those brilliant sounds of Sydney in the 80s. I wish Sydney bands were still as good as The Cannanes - all the best Australian bands come from Melbourne these days. This is my first foray into the Cannanes, and oh boy, I think I will probably fall heavily.

Earlier tonight, I also checked back in at Tullycraft HQ to finally hear their version of The Pooh Sticks' "On Tape", which I mentioned a little while ago. It's so good, and all the references have changed - Smittens albums! Darren Hayman solo! Yeah!

I'm off to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's tonight - ABC2's Audrey Hepburn season is enough for anybody to stay at home on Saturday night during these winter months.


martijn said...

Thanks for posting the link to Tullycraft's version of "On Tape". I mean if any band were to cover it --or any other early Pooh Sticks, really-- then it should be Tullycraft. It's brilliant. :-)

Here's a blog with lots of French pop from the 60s and other decades, all sung by women, which you may or may not have heard of.

And yay for the Cannanes! :-)

df said...

i tried to watch BAT last night - but oh boy - it's so long and nothing really happens. i am such a dude right?

i like "this is the ivey league" btw.
i also like that evangelicals song "skeleton man"


alex said...

I'd never watched BAT before and I loved it! But maybe I am just a typical girl.

I haven't heard the Evangelicals but I will listen to them on your recommendation!

kate said...

love the tullycraft version of "on tape"!

Christos said...

Hi Alex! hope all is well with you :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cannanes! "A love affair with nature" is an unbelievably brilliant album. The last song is Vivienne. That song made me cry when they did it at NYC Popfest. Frances (the singer) is ADORABLE!

Keep listening to beautiful music
Christos xxx

Carlos said...

Oh, how come to be so few people dancing?? That 60s party sounded quite well.. I hope there will be one here in september. There's a Radio program in Spain called "Flor de PasiĆ³n" (Passion's Flower) which plays a lot of 60s pop (french, spanish, italian...) and they organize 2 parties every year, one in march and another one in september.. sure you'd like them.

I think you can listen the program here

(sorry, the web is in spanish but I think you can manage to find the mp3s)