Sunday, September 21, 2008

butcher boy

Hello! So it's been a while again, hasn't it? Oh boy. Well, in the past few weeks, apart from being a lazy non-blog-updating-bee, I've been basking in summertime warmth - seems as though, once again, Brisbane has skipped straight from winter into summer with nary a peep from spring. I'm going to cool down a little by spinning the debut album by Glasgow's Butcher Boy.

There's those mythical club nights all around the world which seem so perfect - dancefloors full of deliciously-dressed people pulling shapes to the best indie pop and sixties soul. There's not too many of them in Australia, but the UK seems to have an abundance. Rising from the ashes of Glasgow's National Pop League (a club night I would have loved to have attended at some point) comes Butcher Boy, who make the type of dark, haunting sounds that make me first think of those other Glaswegians, Aztec Camera. I've heard they play in unusual venues - theatres and such - around Glasgow, and even though I'm yet to visit this city, I could picture these warm sounds emanating from dimly lit caverns on cold, wet nights.

Have a listen to some of the songs from their debut album "Profit Is Your Poetry" on their myspace page - the title song channels the Postcard era and, with the violin, harks back to late 80s Go-Betweens. And, in a nice tie between classic club nights, the album is being released by the brilliant How Does It Feel label, the folk responsible for the best club night in the world ever. No kidding!

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