Sunday, August 17, 2008

cute! pictures + the smittens

Look! I've given my blog a pre-spring clean, with all this exciting new colour and a pretty new title picture, courtesy of the lovely Catherine Insch. Isn't it just the cutest ever? Look at her website and buy some of her paintings because everything she paints is just as cute!

While we're on the topic of cute, I am totally smitten with The Smittens! It's taken me so long but, oh boy, they're my musical equivalent of hot chocolate on these windy August days. Oh, those boy-girl melodies on "Half My Heart Beats" make me smile both inside and outside, and if the video to "Gumdrops" doesn't make you giddy with pop glee, then I don't know what else could!

(It's all thanks to Skatterbrain Matt for linking this one - he's to blame if you can't get this song out of your head for months!)

If you saw them at Indietracks, then I'm really really jealous. I'm trying to order their album through Happy Happy Birthday To Me, but I don't know if I can wait so long. Might just have to try old friend iTunes instead. Ah, it feels good to be Smitten!!


Dennis said...

I assume you've already seen this, but isn't this Indietracks video the best thing ever? Especially Max walking in with his telephone!

alex said...

What a great clip! Imagine being down the other end of the phone while Max was singing along.

Indietracks looked like such fun. I hate being so far away at times like this.

brogues said...

I love your redesign!