Monday, June 16, 2008

winter blues

So I am still feeling a little bit glum - I can't really blame it on winter blues, because when the sun's out and it's 23 degrees during the day, it's hardly winter. Here's, I guess, three things contributing to my malady:

1. Studying. God, so sick of it.

2. Not being able to attend An Evening of Edwyn Collins/Orange Juice covers at The Social in London, which is on tonight. This would be incredible, incredible, incredible. Look at that line-up! A C86 film screening! Edwyn Collins all night long! Next time I'm at karaoke I'm going to make sure I get up and sing 'A Girl Like You'. Oh, I could cry - I wish I was going to this show.

3. Finding out that bloody stupid grrr grrr Los Campesinos! have covered "C Is The Heavenly Option". I suppose it's good more people will listen to this song, but it's not a very good cover. I will stand my by my belief that the singer sounds like Toby from Catch. No cover will ever, ever have anything on the original.

On the upside, I bought a copy of the Vivian Girls 7", which I can't wait to play to death. Otherwise, I might just put on some Nico and mope my night away. Raaaaaah.


martijn said...

I don't think the cover is so bad. (But then, I do like Los Campesinos! in general.) But since this was the first Heavenly song I ever heard --on a mixtape sent from Canada in the very early days of the internet-- I don't think any cover will ever come close to the original.

DJ Talbot said...

Winter....I was a bit season-centric when I compiled my Sunshine 2008 mix. You reminded me that it's winter in your world! Maybe my mix will break through the clouds?

sideroom said...

even better "Vivian Girls-cheer-up-Alex-news"

is that new 7" has finally come out yesterday on Woodsist..which you can link thru from the VG's myspace....having 2 Vivian Girls 7's is bound to help with the blues !

oh and I guess your new Slumberland 7's will show up anyday now

plus !! there's a Summer Cats 3'CD out on WeePop!

alex said...

Oooh, indeed that is great news! Yes, since posting the outlook has certainly improved - can't wait for my Slumberland parcel to arrive. Also on the way: Lodger, Pants Yell! + Pains t-shirts and a Would-Be-Goods album. Yay!