Tuesday, June 10, 2008

blog happenings

Well, after a busy weekend of studying, watching rock and roll and floating away with Jacques Prevert's "Les Enfants Du Paradis", I am back on board. I have since realised that spending three weeks away from the internet, and taking another three weeks to catch up on internet happenings has left me flailing behind with a million and one pop purchases to make! Luckily I am catching up on that fairly quickly - last week I ordered Slow Down Tallahassee's debut album "The Beautiful Light" from Thee SPC, which, by all accounts, is utterly smashing and I cannot wait to listen to it myself. Besides, how can I resist a cover as lovely as this?

I went looking for a pair of seamed pantyhose in the department store sales yesterday and I could only find one pair, which were too large for me. I definitely need to hunt down a pair, as well as some delicious Dorothy-red shoes and find myself a brick lane. Oh, and I should start making myself some insanely catchy girl-group inspired pop songs, with some punky sass thrown in for good measure.

Then, just before I ordered the new Slumberland "Searching For The Now" split 7"s!

This is super exciting: #3 features sunny splits from A Sunny Day In Glasgow (covering The Pastels) and The Sunny Street, while #4 teams The Pains of Being Pure at Heart with Summer Cats. How can you resist? You can't! While you're ordering make sure you buy lots of other Slumberland stuff - I did. I bought myself a Lodger t-shirt and I can't wait to wear it out and about.

Now what else is there left to buy? For starters, there's the rest of the Summer Cats releases - a 3" on WeePOP! and a Cloudberry 7", not to mention lots of other listening treats from these two super little labels. Then, I might buy myself The Bon Bon Club 7" from Thee SPC, new Bubblegum Lemonade from Matinee....uh oh, where has all my pay gone? So much more to get, too!

Apart from catching up on all my favourite blogs, I've also found a few more to add to my reading and listening list:

Like Sugar is an indie pop and electro podcast blog from San Diego. I love how Eric mixes the best pop songs with old and new synth stuff - it's fun to mix these things up. I can't wait to listen to his summer podcast, even though it's supposedly the middle of winter here.

The Outpost is one of my favourite, favourite stores in Brisbane. Take a look on Matt's blog and you'll soon see why. If you ever have the chance to visit Brisbane, I will make sure you go there and buy yourself some of the coolest clothing and toys ever. Also associated with The Outpost is I Used To Skate Once 4, a skateboard art exhibition which seems to grow exponentially each year. The delightful Cat will be exhibiting once again, and I can't wait to see what menagerie she creates this time around.

I've mentioned it previously, but I wish I spoke other languages, particularly Spanish. When I look at 7iete Pulgadas (translated as Seven Inches), I really really wish I didn't have to rely on babel fish translators to help me understand. And, boy, what a collection of 7"s there are to share. It reminds me of Bruce's terrific Side Room Singles podcast, and I am really pleased there are people out there who are able to share their magnificent singles collection with the world.

Now, what else is there to catch up on? Ah yes, last night's episode of Skins. Yeah!


Christin said...

Interesting post!! She is jumping with delicious dorothy-red shoes.

Dennis said...

Ah, I see you beat me with the Searching For The Now releases. Slow Down Tallahassee is nice, really really nice.