Monday, June 2, 2008

why i love brisbane sometimes

Probably the best part of living in Brisbane is having access to the Gallery of Modern Art. Sure, it's trying to be more than what the city's cultural scene can support, but it's where I go to watch lots of old films for free, see hip exhibitions and loiter in one of the best bookshops around. Oh yeah, and it's two minutes from my work and right down by the river!

During the recent Andy Warhol retrospective, the Gallery featured an 'Up Late' series on Friday nights, featuring bands and discussions on Warhol-related topics - I previously wrote about seeing Caribou at one of these nights. This time around, for the Picasso exhibition, they're offering another Up Late program. Sure, not everything is to my taste, but OH MY GOD Friday 1 August: Les Idoles - 60s French Pop night. Did somebody scream alex heaven or what? I was even intending to travel to Sydney on the same night to see Devo, but little can keep me from dancing the night away to my favourite French pop.

In honour of this event (oh, just another two months away), here is a clip of my favourite favourite actress, Anna Karina, singing one of my favourite ye-ye songs, "Roller Girl".

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