Sunday, June 1, 2008

seven inches: the besties + velour + the school

I finally found some time this weekend to slow the pace down a little bit - with all this rainy weather, I've snuggled up with some new books, watched some films (I watched If.... earlier today and thought it was just incredible) and ate delicious homemade soup. Oh, and I've made acquaintances with my record player once again, and it eagerly embraced all the new 7"s I've acquired from recent travels.

Before I left on holidays, I ordered a copy of The Besties' "Bone Valley Deposit" 7", but it landed while I was away. Upon returning, its sleeve of white vinyl goodness landed on my turntable and turned my bedroom into a pop dancefloor. How good is 'Bone Valley Deposit'? Very very good, I tell you! And I really like the artwork as well. These Brooklyn kids are a whole lot of fun, and they're playing NYC Popfest. If you're lucky enough to be attending (like my Brisbane pal Fergus is - I am awfully jealous!), make sure you get your shake on just for me.

My love (and cute boy crush) on The Lodger is well documented - I'm not sure if I have mentioned yet, but their new album "Life Is Sweet" is really good, and has taken up residency in my car. Anyway, I found a split 7" of theirs whilst browsing at Rough Trade East (as you do), released last year on Germany's Noise Deluxe label. Apart from a delicious floral wallpaper cover, the split single features a killer song called "Stereogirl" from super Danish band Velour. I've been listening to the songs on their Myspace page all night and I am hooked - they're fun, cute to boot and have the perfect combination of summer melodies, 60s throwback guitar hooks and lovelorn lyrics in their songs.

Also while at Rough Trade, I picked up the "All I Wanna Do" 7" by Cardiff's The School. According to my notebook, I promised myself to write about this seven-piece back in January, but they must have slipped to the back of my writing mind with all the other pop discoveries I've had since. I'm glad I bought this pretty, fairy-floss pink single, though, because The School are just darling - with their tales of love and heartbreak against sixties girl group melodies, they're unthinkably sweet. "All I Wanna Do" reminds me of Kirsty MacColl's classic "They Don't Know" - considering this is one of my favourite songs EVER, it's high praise for The School. They have a new single out on Elefant - "Let It Slip" - which you should definitely buy. I sure will be!

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DJ Talbot said...

The Lodger is genius! "You Got Me Wrong" is simply one of the best tracks of (whenever it came out!)!