Friday, June 13, 2008

everett true + new blogs + best tunes

Just a quick update because I am feeling a little lousy tonight. Firstly, the most exciting news in a long, long time - Everett True has moved to Brisbane! I was in Trash Video tonight when Ari told me, and I yelled out, "WHAT THE FUCK?" What crazy news! And just to prove I'm not making it up, he even wrote about our tropical weather in his Village Voice blog.

Another blog to add to your reading list: One Million Kisses for One Million Girls. A super blog name, and a super blog to boot! Amy also makes the Wrap Yr Troubles In Dreams zine, which looks terrific. As far as I know, issue one has sold out, but issue two is just around the corner! I'll be nabbing a copy for myself, because I miss my days of reading and making zines.

Yesterday, I was addicted to two things: I Smiled Yesterday #3 and the Slow Down Tallahassee album. Both are really, really phenomenal. I want to hunt down copies of everything on the ISY podcast - it was wonderful to hear The Delmonas again, and I am so damn hooked on the Vivian Girls (and cursing the fact I missed out on a first pressing of their record). And Slow Down Tallahassee? I adore every single bit of it, and I had to giggle when I listened to 'Kiss Me Again' for the first time - quite possibly one of the sweetest and most deceptive songs I have heard about fucking. So good!

Oh, and a new Manhattan Love Suicides CD compilation of their recent 7"s and rarities comes out on Monday! Best ever!


Chris said...

when i heard he was moving to australia i unconsciously did the lame australia = melbourne thing.

brisbane is doing a lot to rid itself of it's reputation in my mind as home of the go-betweens and not much else. if it's good enough for the legend!..

alex said...

I know, it makes it seem like Brisbane is kinda exciting. I'm hoping I might run into Everett at a swimming pool or park or something, or when The Breeders play in August. Something cool, at least.

Jerry said...

Hey, tip me off where to go - and maybe I'll see you there. Seriously, recommendations are welcome. I'm kinda floundering right now: having arrived with no game plan whatsoever, as usual.

sideroom said...

hey Alex - DEFINITELY buy the Wild Eyes 7" from Vivian Girls - a and b side are both awesome !!

MLS - you're so right about the comp - all their best stuff on there, especially tracks on the Lost Records 7"

and of course I'm with ya on the SDT album....truly excellent....I've ordered the Bon Bon Club 7" just cos it's got a Slow Down-er in it...ha ha I'm hopeless

hope you're feeling less lousy today though if the Brissie weather is as bleak as Sydney that could be hard !!

June 14, 2008 4:59 PM

brogues said...

Thanks for listening and thanks so much for the kind words, Alex. You're a champ!

brogues/Team ISY

amy said...

aw thanks alex :) issue one is temporarily sold out but i'm getting more printed next week, gotta take a few to indietracks! i'm very much looking forward to seeing what you might have up your sleeve for issue 3 ;) your writing is so great, sparkly, thoughtful and inspiring! xo

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