Sunday, March 29, 2009

the softies

I am gazing out my bedroom window, with the late afternoon blue sky peeking through the speckled leaves of the big tree next door and The Softies playing from my computer, and I am thinking, "Can things be any prettier than this?" The answer is, well, no doubt, but this sure comes close.

This afternoon I picked up their self-titled second album, released on Slumberland in 1996, from Dixon's on Brunswick Street - a man was in there selling it, and I bought it directly from him. A winning trade - he has the 10" at home, and I didn't have it at all. Being in such a good mood today, the sweet sweet harmonies of beautiful Rose Melberg and Jen Sbragia complement my late afternoon peacefulness so well.

Generally, I'm not too much of a fan of girls with acoustic guitars and little else. But The Softies? Their songs are so delicate, the lyrics full of wistful imagery, the harmonies so pretty and, well, soft. I want to wrap myself in these songs on a cold winter's day, and I want to take them to the park when the sun is out and let the sunshine brighten the songs even more. Rose Melberg is one of my musical idols, and these songs illustrate her songwriting craft so well. Just magical.

My favourite Softies track of all is 'The Best Days'. Released as a 7" on K Records, it's one of the most magical songs about love and friendship I know. The lyrics are 24-carat-gold special - "You hid your smile with one hand, and with the other you held mine." My heart melts at the mere thought of this, and reaffirms my love of the world. How many songs do you know that you want to cherish and hold close like that?

Buy yourself some Softies magic over at K Records.

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michelle said...

the softies are kind of perfect. it's love definitely helped me get through the winter. such a great record.