Monday, March 9, 2009

new ISY!

Yay, there's a new I Smiled Yesterday podcast to listen to over at Slumberland! Go go go go listen! I'll be listening to this as I fly to Sydney this morning for work - it'll make the hour and a half flight pass by all the more easily.

(Brief update: I am in the middle of relocating to Melbourne, and it's stressing me beyond belief. Expect erratic posting for the next wee while, then a whole lot of posting about how much fun my new city is. Argh!)


mjbaker666 said...

Hey Alex

Sorry to hear you are leaving town. It has been really great having a Brisbane based world class indie pop blog. Sigh!

Nevermind I guess I am back to reading the local music press (gag) for the up to date news about town.

All the best with Melbourne and keep the twee tips a comin.



alex said...

Thanks for the kind words! I suspect I will still have a strong Brisbane focus despite my relocation - some ties can never be unbound.