Saturday, March 21, 2009

in melbourne

It's been less than a week, but I am now almost settled into my new surrounds in Melbourne. The sun is shining, dogs are running freely around the nearby gardens with their owners, and I'm walking and driving around, learning my way around this new city which will now be my home for...I'm not sure how long.

The great novelty of my move from Brisbane to Melbourne? I can see bands almost every night of the week! Not just that, but I can have my pick of shows to attend, spread across various parts of the city, and invariably see something that piques my attention or makes me fall in love. AND, if they're in my local area, I can walk to the venue! I'm in a town where the wonderful Motifs play regularly (make sure you see them on their upcoming European adventure) and where pop bands may just come creeping out of the woodwork. A town where record stores hold Laughing Apple 7"s to tempt me and shoe shops scream out for my cash for pretty brogues and boots. Sigh. There's been some hiccups, but it will smooth itself out.

Ah, Melbourne. My heart still lies firmly in Brisbane, but Melbourne, you can show me a good time for now.

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kate said...

Welcome!!! Melbourne is the best, you must be warned you will probably never leave... I moved here about 4 years ago, with the intention of leaving once I got started in my job... but now I'm hooked :)

Enjoy!! :) Nice blog :)