Saturday, April 18, 2009

cheap red

Hi Internet, I am alive but have been more than insanely busy of late. Work, travel, work, etc. Busier than I've ever been in my life. Which has meant that it's taken me until this afternoon to listen to Stewart Boyracer's new band, Cheap Red. It seems like all the right people have been saying good things about this band, and deservedly so - the songs are sweet, noisy, lo-fi and instantly loveable. Combining the talents of Stewart and Jen from Boyracer with Akina and Arland from Kanda, I can't wait to hear their debut double CD - one disc of the originals and another of remixes. What a way to step out into the world!

I'll admit my ignorance and say that I've never heard Kanda, but given this endorsement, I'll make sure I hunt them down after this.

Also, 555 has a re-issue of Boyracer's Happenstance available for you to add to your collection! Limited to 100 copies, you should grow your Boyracer collection. I added Boyfuckingracer to mine the other week, and it's the type of noisy noisy noise we all love about Boyracer.

Buy 555 Recordings here!

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Kippers said...

Hello insanely busy Alex. Good to know you're still with us!