Wednesday, February 25, 2009

london popfest!

More "if you are in London, make me exceptionally jealous" spambot posting from me. Two words: London Popfest. Go go go go go!

This Thursday night I'll no doubt be at home here in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, drinking tea and learning something scientific on the ABC. I know I'd much, much rather be here:

Nothing - read, nothing - could beat this show right about now. And all for a measly six quid!

As for Saturday? Well, find me at Toni + Guy having my hair done, but think of my spiritual pop apparition sinking pints and dancing away all day at Saturday's all-dayer, as headlined by the mighty Comet Gain.

Amazing, amazing posters. Not content with these two amazing shows, there's also Tender Trap on Friday night AND Julian Henry, Harvey Williams and Gregory Webster on Sunday. Incredible!

To the popfest organisers: many, many hand-claps and high fives for organising such a terrific festival. Have a great weekend, London popkids!


Kippers said...

I'll be there on the Saturday (that's Popfest rather than Toni & Guy). ;) Can't wait!

nick said...

I saw this the other week and also got jealous that I wasn't in London. I had other plans anyway...

Next time!

sexy said...





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