Friday, April 4, 2008

panda riot

Every few months, I seem to go through phases where I just want to listen to shoegaze all day long - pull out my Ride albums and early Lush singles and dance around my room with my head buried in my arms. It's always modern bands that trigger this resurgence - a couple of months ago, The Depreciation Guild took my fancy, and now Panda Riot, from Chicago, are fulfilling my shoegaze desires.

Panda Riot are two boys, a girl and a drum machine, making the type of fuzzy buzzy dream pop that suggests many night has been spent listening to My Bloody Valentine. It's got some wonderful pop sensibilities behind that glorious fuzz, too, reminding me of the likes of Rocketship - 'Flowers At Night' switches between a pretty girl melody and droney guitars seamlessly. It's all so soaring, yet so delicate at the same time. Meanwhile, when a band has a song called 'Art School Girls of Doom', it's hard not to be intrigued.

You can buy their latest record, "She Dares All Things", from Tonevendor!


shabba rukes said...

alex i love shoegaze so much (maybe not as much as i love hip-hop? i'm not sure. someone should make shoegaze beats and i would be overwhelmed but i digress), this band sounded really freakin sweet and am currently copping the album thanks to my good friends at waffles.

alex said...

swt! i reckon your good friend aoi could come up with some hybrid hip-hop-gaze-psytrance. just imagine.