Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the lodger - new single, video + album!

This is a novelty for me - at home, on a Wednesday morning, instead of being at work. So, as I wait for my colleagues to pick me up so we can visit a flavoured milk factory (yes, I am serious), I have an opportunity to indulge myself in new sounds from The Lodger!

Their new single "The Good Old Days" will be released by Slumberland on May 2nd, and the video for it is an orange fizzy funk delight. Watch this and dare to tell me they aren't the most crushworthy boys ever:

Then, on May 19th, you can acquaint yourself with their new album "Life Is Sweet", which is sure to make everyone dance their pants off. As for live shows - well, they're playing a bucketload around the UK and Europe, conveniently when I am in town. They're touring Germany with the Long Blondes! I'm hoping to be at the following shows:

- April 24th at Blow Up in London
- May 7th at the Atomic Cafe in Munich

Say hi to me if you'll be at these shows - I'll be the girl stealing secret glances and dancing away like a tourist up the front.

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Anonymous said...

ehy alex follow them also in italy! i've org a couple of show for them! dont miss them! check