Thursday, April 17, 2008


There's nice bands out there, there's some super nice bands, and there's Horowitz. Yes, Skatterbrain has raved about them for months, and now it's my turn to indulge in some of the best DIY pop songs around. Even though I have had all of no time during the past week to do anything apart from pretty much work, study, travel, eat and sleep, I've certainly made plenty of time to fill my ears with their super super album "Frosty Cat Songs".

Here are five reasons why I think Horowitz are great:

1. The song titles: "It's Better To Eat Twinkies With Yr Friends Than to Eat Broccoli Alone" (so true), "Popkids of the World Unite" (even moreso), etc. - I love bands with wonderful song titles and creative lyrics, and these songs are no exception.

2. The songs themselves: Full of dancing melodies, English vocals and lyrics about dancing to Yeovil Junction and Talulah Gosh. They make my late afternoon train rides all the more enjoyable.

3. The artwork: Look at all that cute DIY artwork! It's like they tore pages out of the best kept zines of the world and made it their own. Plus, any artwork with kittens is instantly endearing.

4. The band: A nicer bunch you're unlikely to ever meet.

5. The shows: They're so nice, they're even playing a show in London while I'm travelling. Yay! Come along to the Zipper/Horowitz show on May 3rd and have a wonderful dancing time with me.

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