Sunday, April 6, 2008


Italy has been responsible for objects of great beauty for centuries, but recently my expectations have been exceeded - the new Fiat 500, enviable Miu Miu outfits and Marni bags have all taken my fancy of late, and now I'm falling for some fine Italian pop songs. While the first three may be only objects of desire at this stage (although I am awfully tempted to trade little Coldplay for a creamy Bambino), I can enjoy the delightful pop songs by the following bands until my little heart beams with sunshine.

I'm not quite sure what to make of Fitness Forever, but I know the two songs on their Myspace page are made of the same pop stardust that's sprinkled all over Sweden. Twin boy-girl vocals, hints of keyboards, violins, handclaps and horns, and melodies to charm even the stoniest heart. By the sounds of it, their debut album should be released later this year, which I'll certainly have to add to my gym bunny playlist. Full credit goes to This Is Pop Music for this recommendation.

Hailing from Bologna, Federico and Margot are Tiger Tiger!, who make the type of fun, punky, shambolic pop songs very much in the style of Eux Autres. There's so much going on in these songs - one minute I'm hearing drums that sound like they're being played on cardboard boxes and proclaimations of "i don't give a fuck", and the next I'm being serenaded by cute keyboards and sweetheart vocals. Super! You can buy their record "11pm" from MyHoney Records.

Lastly, another MyHoney band - Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. Having previously confessed to having zero French language skills, the old faithful online translator assures me this translates as "The Man With The Glasses". Oh look, there's the charming Ale with some very nice spectacles. There's some great tunes to complement the fine eyewear - buzzy pop songs with synth touches, sadder songs with an empty bar feel, and even a Christmas song. They are playing shows around Scandinavia and Germany in June - lucky them!

Now, all I need to do is find myself some pistachio gelati and a Lambretta, and I will be set.


Anonymous said...

aahahah ... really nice post about italy! ciao!

FedE said...

definitely great taste in italian music!

spikedcandy said...

Hi Alex, a big thanks for linking to my blog. I've added a link back :).
Love this post, I've never heard any of these artists and they're all fantastic! I'm especially enjoying Fitness Forever's disco tune, 'Se come te'.