Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

I am back in Brisbane for the moment, working terribly hard, seeing friends at every opportunity and catching up with my mum. After work on Friday night, I reacquainted myself with some of my favourite shops in the city - I bought myself some great records at Egg Records, a beautiful A.P.C. skirt from Apartment (I would have an entire wardrobe of A.P.C. if I could), and a copy of Camera Obscura's fourth album, My Maudlin Career, from Rockinghorse.

I've listened to the album three times now, and once again I'm in love with these Glaswegians, who resurrect the finest Northern Soul and sixties heartbreak to create achingly pretty songs of love and despair. Opener "French Navy" introduces their hallmark sound once again with a tale of falling in love with a traveller, leading into ten more songs which veer from the solemn to the soul-shakin', new stories shared with each track. My Maudlin Career isn't a huge departure from Camera Obscura's established sound, but then again, when the sound is as finely honed and sensational as this, there's little need to tinker with the recipe.

Tracyanne Campbell's vocals are as rich as ever - since I've already stolen her haircut, I wonder how I can steal her voice and songwriting talent? I think I may need to steal this look of Tracyanne's, too - divine.

As the title track came on in the car yesterday afternoon, my friends all commented, "Who is this? It's so pretty!" Play this to anyone, Camera Obscura fan or not, and you'll no doubt win them over with the soaring nature of the piano, the arrangements, everything. It's like a fine meal at an excellent restaurant - rich, but not overpowering, exceptional quality and leaves you feeling satisfied and wanting more.


Darragh said...

I once proposed to Tracyanne Campbell but I don't think she heard me over the sound of the kick drum.

alex said...

Oh what a shame! I would probably propose to her, too, if I had the opportunity. That, or ask her for the keys to her flat so I could raid her wardrobe.

brogues said...

They're playing Glasgow tonight! It's a wonderful lp and that we sequence of 'Away With Murder', 'Swans' and 'James' is stunning. Vive le pop!