Friday, August 28, 2009

Slumberland love + Brown Recluse

There's not much point repeating at length what multiple others have already said so succinctly, but it's all true - as Slumberland continues to fire out incredible records at alarming regularity, it's difficult to comprehend how 2009 would have sounded without its seal of quality across the pop landscape. I'm entirely addicted - from the soaring modern tribute to my favourite girl bands on Liechtenstein's Survival Strategies In A Modern World, to the shimmering spunk of the Champagne Socialists 7", I could almost live without any other record label in the world right now. And don't even get me started on how much I love Cause Co-Motion - honestly, my love of this band's shambolic crashing punk deserves far, far more than a passing mention.

My next Slumberland order will load up my virtual trolley with the new Searching For The Now singles, loads of new Pains vinyl(including the 'Come Saturday' 7", featuring 'Side Ponytail' on the b-side - at last!), and a beautiful 12" from Philadelphia's Brown Recluse. Called The Soft Skin, the cover of this EP instantly conjures up comparisons to other records featuring captivating eye close ups - certainly The La's and The 6ths both instantly spring to mind.

Given the beauty apparent in both of those records, both on the cover and in the sounds, it's impossible to comprehend Brown Recluse sounding any different. Thankfully, I am not disappointed - it's all hazy melodies infused with horns, harmonies, and a deep love of the best of sixties music and beyond. It's like a perfect update to the sound heard around Arab Strap era Belle & Sebastian, with further influences like Os Mutantes and The Zombies ever present. It's so timeless, yet seemingly so relevant and fresh - perfect clarity of vision and sound in amongst a sea of bands producing lo-fi, crashing, noisy pop. Brown Recluse are the sound of a late summer's day, a bright autumn morning, a springtime Saturday at noon, or a late winter's night in a warm room. When a band can span seasons, you know they are worth treasuring, and I really do treasure having Brown Recluse's sounds in my life.

Listen more and buy yourself a copy here.

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